Universal Soldiers

Hand Painted Figures by Jenny.

Welcome to Universal Soldiers.

Hello and welcome to my website on a variety of military handpainted figures, as well as other models from history. I have been painting models for the last 28 years for my own personal display. Please take a look inside, but please be aware that there might be a long loading time on some pages . Firefox is a good browser for this site.



                                                   You are the  interested visitor to my military modelling site. Thank you for dropping in and viewing my models, as your visits are much appreciated.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photo's and maybe get some inspiration from them, if you like the same hobby.  Contact me on jen_ant@sky.com or visit me @ Ant hill World UK Forum http://queenant.proboards82.com/  I am the Administrator of this "Ant" forum.

Thankyou to all the members of Ant Hill World who have visited this site, and have sent me some lovely comments about this site                                      

This Site

This site is updated from time to time. It is a slow hobby, and painting takes time, so this website will not be updated regularly. 

I am an amateur painter, and paint for relaxation and a hobby. This site was constructed, to share a hobby that you may like to see and try yourself.